NEVE BaBa Associazione Culturale Rovereto BabaruM dnb


Dj and Label manager of The Dreamers Recordings. Release on: Med school / Shogun / The Dreamers / Flexout / Dutty audio. Neve aka Andrea Recla is a dj, producer and sound engineer born and raised in Rovereto, in the Italian region of Trentino Alto Adige. Surrounded by music ever since he can recall, he started playing guitar for locals bands at the age of 15 but it wasn’t long until he fell in love with drum and bass. In the last 13 years he performed in many clubs, festivals and parties in Italy and abroad. After 6 years in Milan passed studying and working in sound design world, Neve spent 4 years in the city of Turin, setting up drum and bass events with The Dreamers, one of the most long-standing crews in Italy dedicated to this genre ( ). Even tough he moved back home now, he’s still very connected to this city and keeps on being part of the management. In 2016, with the support of all the members of the crew, he created ‘The Dreamers Recordings’. Providing high quality ground breaking music and supporting Italian newcomer producers was -and still is- the goal of the label, which immediately received the appreciation of international top djs. This year Neve won the Redbull Culture Clash of Milan, with the ‘Hellmuzik’ team, playing in the first round.Recently, Hospital Records released Neve’s latest productions in the compilation ‘New Blood 016’ by Med School and Shogun audio show interest on pushing Andrea’s music. Years of experience as a dj made Neve’s sound a patchwork of styles and genres. Old school and new school blend in, while rolling, footwork, jungle, hip-hop and neurofunk mix mercilessly. And this variety of sound is reflected in his production: make only one type of drum and bass is like a musical limit for his open mind.Neve shared stages with artists such as Goldie, Storm, Rockwell, Fracture, Icicle, Dub Fx, Om unit, Gridlock, Btk, BSE, Optiv, Ulterior Motive, Noisia and many more. Currently, his releases appears on labels such as Med school, Shogun audio, Dutty audio, Flexout, Ammunition, Subculture, Automate, Modulate and Bnc Express and have been played on DNBARENA, KMAG and Friction show on BBC Radio 1, receiving support from many top dj’s.





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