Massimo Giovannini

I was born in 1973 in Trento, a small city at the Northern edges of Italy. Growing up among the Dolomites and so close to the Austrian border, has brought me to develop a deep sense of respect for Mother Nature, and a pretty defined personal identity quite early on in my life. That’s probably why I love photography so much – it allows me to capture reality as it is, without distortions, and at the same time to express my personal point of view on it, or through it…
I started using photography professionally back in 2001, and to work in advertising in 2004 as assistant in Verona. A few years later I opened my own studio back in Trento, and kept working in creative advertising for both the private and public sectors.
In short, my peculiarities are:
I love make diptychs.
I don’t like zoom lenses.
I use film or digital (it depends on my mood).
To today I prefer to shoot in colour photography.
I don’t shoot pictures in 2:3 format (vertical). I shoot pictures in SQUARE, 4:3, 3:4, 6:7 and 7:6 format.
I’m radical chic.
I shoot with medium and large format camera.
I’m tolerant vegetarian.
I’m a strong supporter of the “theory of Natural Selection”: if you are stupid you can die”.




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