Bert Dj aka Umberto Scagnetti

Umberto was born in 1978..
He started to buy his first record at the age of 14, collecting until know a rare and important amount of vinyl He was 16 when he played for the first time in a club and at the age of 17 he became the resident dj in one of the biggest club in that period in Italy, named TNT. He played belong djs known around the world … and many more. He is part of one of the most important group of the north east of Italy named Cirq. Umberto use to play like a resident dj in many famous party like Kathisma, Madreterra, Electric Monday, he use to play at Altavoz, Tag, Tales and many more. He use to travel with is music to Austria, Slovenja, Spain, Germany and he always captures the crowd with his various sound. He used to collaborate like a producer with many labels and still working at new creation, introducing him self in new project From November 2015 he is the owner of a brand new label, FONOTOPIA




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BaBa + Bert Dj aka Umberto Scagnetti =

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