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Alessandro Corsini aka Enjoy

Class of 1975.
As a kid he studied classic piano until 1989 when he suddenly fell in love with electronic music,
and in particular way with the figure of the DJ as a healthy carrier of innovation and
searcher of new sounds..
The continuous thirst for knowledge led him to contact with an infinite number of styles and
musical genres, this feature makes his djsets eclectic and unpredictable :
from jazz to funk to hip hop to house to experimental to techno to breakbeat…
up to the jungle / drum & bass sounds that characterize him for the extreme refinement and originality.
This passion has led him over the years to play in numerous clubs, raves and festivals of
Triveneto, Lombardia, Emilia Romagna, Croatia, Ireland, United Kingdom and Spain;
firstly with the RedPlanet Crew, active in Veneto in the 90s,
doing numerous rave and warehouse parties, then with the Ezzthetic Agency,
of which he is the co-founder together with Piero Vit and Leo Gementi,
mainly for theatrical events and experimental music production.
With Maxist and Piero Vit (TrickBag Crew) he gives life to the so called Bleep,
the only one night in Italy to offer jungle and drum’n’bass without compromise or easy trade shortcuts,
welcoming to the console djs by the likes of:
Fanu, Andy Skopes, Code, Nucleus, Chris Inperspective, Macc, Fracture & Neptune,
Equinox, dgHon, Alite, Ricky Force, Dj Trax and Paradox.As a producer he took his first steps at the end of the 90s with the Ezzthetic Crew,
and in 2004, under the pseudonym ‘Juice Loosers’, ‘E Variations’ was released on the Earth Series
by the legendary LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking Records.
The solo project came along quick and after some releases on netlabels like the Italian Laverna
and the Australian Materialzm he got the official double debut on the prestigious Irish label Subtle Audio:
‘The Crook’ as a soloist and ‘Taking Seriously’ as The Blunt Needles with his partner in life and crimes Dani.Hence a series of releases for the American Pinecone Moonshine and the English Omni Music
with which it establishes a collaboration that is still active and in continuous evolution.
2013 sees the release of his first solo album ‘Layering Errors’ on Omni Music
and in 2014, together with Eschaton, he released the album ‘Symbiosis’.
The collaboration continues with Subtle Audio aswell, with the Subtle Audio Volumes series.




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